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Tatoos are cool.
Thought #1- I’ve always thought if you aregoing to get a tattoo, you’d best have a sweet story to go with it. Youknow, spend solid couple of minutes explaining your ink rather thanbeing like guy that’s like, “uh, Fords rule, Chevy sucks! H-yeah that’swhy I got Calvin pisses on em.” Or maybe worse that sorority girl whopicks a random butterfly off those sketchy display charts,gets it putt on her si... (continue)
Who wants to fight Herschel?
Thought #1 – Lots of retired players take up second careers. Somesell cars, some coach, and plenty try to do some form of T.V., whetherit be sports related or just horrible sit-coms. *cough coughMicheal Strahan . Herschel Walker has decided to spend his golden yearsrolling around with other equally scary men and getting cauliflowerear. That’s right, Walker at the age of 47 is joining the UFC. Whil... (continue)
Monday feels 3 days long
Thought #1 – If there is one thing youdidn’t want to be this weekend it was a quarterback in the state ofFlorida. Tampa’s Brian Leftwich was officially benched today meanwhileMiami’s Chad Pennington is most likely out for the season afterwrecking his shoulder yesterday, although he will have a second opinionwith the well known sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews. Kind of makes mewonder who he went to... (continue)
Sunday Evening
Thought #1 – For all those people whothink Jim Zorn is not on the hot seat, they might want to check out theblisters forming on the dude’s butt cheeks after today’s lost to theLions. After the game Zorn mentioned that he didn’t really think aboutthe fact that the Lions had not won a game in over a year. Riiiiight.Well Jim, you might not have been thinking about it, but I’ll tell youwho was, every ... (continue)
A good Saturday for me.
Thought #1- Tech showed up. They actuallylooked like classic Va. Tech for the first time this season. Thebiggest reason, they went into attack mode. Far too often over the pastfew years Foster’s defense has laid back, rushed only the down linemen,and attempted to pick off passes. Today they actually got after it.They did what no one else has done this season, they put Jacory Harrison his butt. Off... (continue)
Quick thoughts on a Thursday
Thought #1 – Plaxico Burress wasreportedly greeted by taunts of “a-hole” and “the Giants suck”yesterday as he entered Rikers Island. It was said that Plax was verydepressed over this. I’m guessing dude expected more of a warm cup ofcoffee and hand shake type greeting? Now granted, everything I knowabout prison is based off movies, but I’m pretty sure prisons are kindof an unfriendly place. I’m als... (continue)
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