Washington's break up strategy with Zorn, fall of the Sanchise, and Lebron got the swine.
Thought #1 - Jim Zorn isn't getting dumped by the Redskins, worse, he's getting the "slowly back away" treatment. Fellas, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been dating that girl a while and you're over it. You want out but, if you dump her, you're the bad guy. So what do you do? You slowly back off. First its no longer calling every night, then it's skipping that assumed Friday night date to hang out with your boys. Pretty soon she catches on, calls you on it, and walks away, leaving you as the dumpee, not the dumper. Now you can play that sweet "I just got dumped" card with other girls. This is actually what Washington wants. First it's bringing in an "extra set of eyes" and now Zorn has officially been stripped on his play calling duties. Piece by piece the Redskins are backing off, just hoping that the day comes when Zorn finds himself with his only duties being making sure Clinton Portis's socks are folded correctly and Chris Cooley's facebook page is updated regularly, and up and leaves. The Washington can play the "our coach walked away" card, instead of the "we canned your tail" card. Nice, good thinking Skins, its always more marketable to be the victim.

Thought #2 - You ever try one of those conundrums? Like a cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays two days, and leaves on Friday? Well I got one for ya: How does a team give up only 16 points, have a running back that goes over 200 yards, and yet still lose a game? Answer: Have a quarterback throw 5 interceptions in a single game.  Mark Sanchez successfully pulled off this feat yesterday, helping the once Super Bowl destined Jets to a lose 16 -13 to the Bills. Now Sanchez went to USC and hasn't had many chances, if any, at playing in cold weather games, but really dude, 5 picks? That's dangerously close to Rex Grossman numbers. Interestingly enough no less than two weeks ago we were all referring to him as the "Sanchise" and proclaiming him to be the second coming of Broadway Joe, while at the same time questioning whether Tom Brady was still Tom Brady. Well, while Sanchez threw 5 picks, Tom threw 5 TDs...in one quarter. Granted it was against the Titans, who could might could make a strong run at winning the MAC this year, but it was still impressive. It's a long season, plenty can change, lesson learned.

Thought #3- Have you noticed how anyone who is sick these days, instantly has the swine flu? Reportedly Lebron James had the swine last week...or a ingrown toenail, they weren't really sure. The guy was sick for two days so obviously it had to be the swine, I mean no one gets sick in the fall, especially not in that balmy Cleveland climate. You know, just because you get a sniffle, you aren't carrying the H1N1. Just because you woke up with a headache and feeling sluggish, not sure you are automatically a swine victim. In fact, it's probably just a Monday. Now I know that it is out there and we do have to take precautions, but is there anyway we could set a limit on the number of times in a day a grown man can use hand sanitizer? I'd like to be able to shake someones hand with out walking away with a goopy palm, reeking of baby diaper. I did enjoy King James getting questioned by reporters on this issue. When asked if he was contagious, he replied, "I don't know, if you get sick I guess we'll know." 

Thought #4- I like how one good postseason can totally erase A-Rod's career of awful play after the regular season ends. I mean really, did I hear the phrase "Mr. October" uttered? Come on, one good season doesn't make up for a history of sucking. If it did, we'd all be on the professional miniature golf circuit. We've all had that one magical game, where the windmill didn't get us, and we chose the right hole on crazy multi-hole 15. And while, we all wish that was everyday, we all know it's just our flash in the man moment, so we should enjoy the moment and the giant stuffed Sponge Bob we won. Enjoy your moment A-Rod, but you're going to need a few more before you can claim reign of the post season.

Throught #5 - Yesterday we learned the Saints are legit, both offensively and defensively, thanks to Gregg Williams (nice job there Skins.) Tonight I see a similar contest between the Broncos and the Chargers. Personally I think the Chargers are the Eagles of the west and by that I mean every year, they are picked to be the "it" team. The sexy Super Bowl pick. I think Elvis will have a field day on Phillip Rivers and the Broncos will roll, but I also thought the Giants would do well yesterday, so what do I know.

just looking through your observations from the weekend and was hoping to see your take on the dante wesley incident. i saw someone else say they thought he might be slightly down syndrome and shouldnt be involved in a contact sport.. what do you think?
If Franchez can't play in cold temps what is he doing in NY? I heard that excuse from a lot of media yesterday as to why he threw 5 picks.
When you're running, sweating for 3 hours in 30-40 degree temps, it feels more like 60 degrees. If that weather really affected the way he played yesterday, then he is a bigger 'sally' than we originally thought he was after did his Zoolander shoot for GQ.
Hmm, pretty sure having a disability and just being a moron are two different things. In working with a lot of special ed. kids I really don't want to insult them by linking them in any way with that douche bag. Not only was what he did asinine, dude made an ass of himself in trying to justify it.

On Sanchez, its possible that in taking a combination of dance and history of TV at USC he never really learned about that whole weather and geography thing?
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