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Jake Delhomme stays consistent, Serena still scares me, and I want some Vince Young pills
Thought #1 - Who buys the non-seedless grapes? Why do we even have those? They just sit there in the store, attempting to trick you into mistaking them for seedless grapes and buying them. And be honest, you've done it, you've even up crunching down on that first grape seed as you put away your groceries and instantly cursed the stock boy for even putting them out. At least point, what can you do ... (continue)
Black Friday gets the best of Tiger, a return to Philly for AI, and Tebow's amazing eye black.
Thought #1 - Black Friday is a crazy day and plenty of people go out of their way, getting up super early just to save a few bucks on the latest trendy over priced toy or the must have gadget of the season. Some people go out of their way, and some people just go flipping nuts to score a deal. Tiger falls into the latter category.

Around 2:25am on Friday Woods was reportedly involved in a one ca...
Iverson retires and the Back Porch Thanksgiving Eve Podcast!
Thought #1 - Is there a better holiday than Thanksgiving? I mean you eat, you watch football, you eat, you take a nap, you eat, you watch more football. I'm pretty sure heaven is non-stop Thanksgiving, minus ever feeling bloated, plus everyone getting their own Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Plus its basicially the pre-game, the tailgate for Christmas, which is awesome. Enjoy your X-mas tailgate!

Urban doesn't want the ice cream truck, Jimmy gets a shiner, and your Thanksgiving Emergency Cards!
Thought #1- If someone offered to hook you up with an ice cream truck in the 1970's, you'd probably be stoked. You could drive that thing around, attract mad kids, and be fairly successful making money. Today, ah, not so much. Kids don't really buy ice cream from trucks these days and frankly the guys who are still driving them around neighborhoods are pretty freaking creepy. Kids go to Cold Stone... (continue)
The Sanchez giveaway and more Week 11 Thoughts
Thought #1- You know how professional teams are always trying different types of gimmick giveaways to try and get people to come out to the game? You have your bobble head night, free taco if we break 30 points night, and of course the ever popular sign up for a credit card and get a paper thin stadium blanket night. Yesterday afternoon I think Mark Sanchez was working with hand in hand with the N... (continue)
Bud sends an apology, Les Miles hits the black button, and Shaq goes to the Police Academy.
Thought #1 - Did you ever catch yourself making fun of a girl in high school, really rolling on them too, cracking everyone up, and then realize she over heard you? She runs off and spends the rest of the day crying in the girls' room, meanwhile you're left to deal with the scorn of every other girl in the school. Now you're facing the possibly of carrying the label of a jerk and spending the next... (continue)
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