The Sanchez giveaway and more Week 11 Thoughts
Thought #1- You know how professional teams are always trying different types of gimmick giveaways to try and get people to come out to the game? You have your bobble head night, free taco if we break 30 points night, and of course the ever popular sign up for a credit card and get a paper thin stadium blanket night. Yesterday afternoon I think Mark Sanchez was working with hand in hand with the New England Patriots staff in a promotional giveaway of his own. The "Sanchanise" tossed four interceptions to the opposing Patriots and also gave them one fumble. Not a bad prize just for showing up to the game, I mean I would take that over those inflatable clapping sticks, or that plastic cup that's destine to melt in my dishwasher. Bottom line, Mark's head is wrecked. He started off well, other teams got a little film on him, and figure out how to rattle him. Now the Jets are stuck with a guy who hasn't developed enough to throw his team back into games and who is too cocky to realize it. Unless Rex gets things right, expect Mark Sanchez giveaway nights to become a regular event.

Thought #2 - Before you talk trash to the opposing team, you might want to make sure your team is starting a quarterback other than Chris Sims. Reportedly Broncos' head coach Josh McDaniel was heard telling the San Diego Chargers they "owned" them before the game Sunday. Josh, do you not realize you are on a three game losing streak, which includes a lose to the Redskins? Maybe this really sunk in when you "owned" them on Sim's first drop back, which resulted in a fumble, or when Josh looked over and saw Knowshon Moreno and Brandon Marshall getting into it on the sideline. Maybe in one of those two moments Josh realized the only thing he would be "owning" Sunday is 3 points and a sore butt. Think before you speak next time man.

Thought #3 - Chris Johnson is a sick running back, but more impressive is his violin playing for the Dave Matthews Band. Ants Marching is great!

Thought #4 - As long as the NFL keeps feeling the pressure of doctors and lawyers concerning concussions, expect more and more of your team's quarterbacks to spend time on the sideline after getting hit. It's pretty much the NFL equivalent to the Swine Flu scare that has every kid with a running nose sitting at home for a week in fear that he will poison all of his classmates. Not that concussions aren't serious, but every dude that gets his bell rung doesn't necessarily need an MRI.

Chris Johnson would definitely be a contender in the Boyd Tinsley look-a-like contest along with Mike Mckenzie and Al Harris.
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