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Rex Ryan's MMA debut, Tebow's Senior Bowl, and the Celtics aging rapidly
Thought #1- If you were afraid that with the Jets failing to make the Super Bowl you would be forced to have two weeks absent of Rex Ryan's antics, put your mind at ease. Rexy made a series of bad decisions Saturday night which resulted is a sweet photo of him sporting a goofy grin behind a fully raised middle finger at a MMA event in Miami. Now Rex is a different breed that's for sure, but mistak... (continue)
The NFL gets greedy on Saints fans, Nike goes to combat too soon, and thoughts on Kurt Warner
Thought #1 - The Saints are going to the Super Bowl and like any Super Bowl bound team, team merchandise sales are through the roof. Great news for local Saints merch hawks right? Well not so fast. Apparently the NFL has felt the need to go Sheriff of Nottingham some of the local t-shirt vendors, claiming they own the popular phrase "Who Dat." The league has sent letters to the vendors demanding t... (continue)
The All Star Reserves, The Tim Tebow Hay Ride, and The Back Porch podcast!
Thought #1 - The All Star reserves have been picked:

East: Rondo, Pierce, Wallace, Rose, Johnson, and Horford

West: Williams, Paul, Gasol, Randolph, Nowitzki, Roy

The only glaring miss I see in the West is Chris Kaman out in LA. He's having a great year, but I'm guess the fact that he kind of looks like one of the cavemen from the Gieco adds hurts his marketability.

In the East some have ar...
Greg Oden goes Playgirl, the Gamecocks party foul, and potential trade in Beantown
Thought #1- If you have sketchy e-mail forward guy at your work place, be very careful for the next few days. If you get a forward and the subject line contains something like, "Amazing Greg Oden dunk!" it is in your best interest to instantly delete it. Otherwise you may very likely face a burning sensation in your retinas and a few nightmares of naked 85 year old men.

Nude photos of Greg Oden h...
The NFL overtime rule and the start of Summer-o-Favre 2010!
Thought #1 - The last thing anyone wanted to see in Sunday night's NFC championship game was it all come down to a coin flip. Now granted though they didn't get the ball in the overtime, the Vikings had their shot, but since they obviously decided not to protect their quarterback or the football the game all can down to a coin flip. This is yet another example of how awful the NFL overtime rule is... (continue)
Urban Myer's addiction, Fran Tarkenton is still grumpy, and the Back Porch picks!
Thought #1 - Have you ever seen that show Intervention? It's basically a show where families and friends come together to stop a person from their own self destructive habits. Sometimes it's crack, sometimes it's heroin, or sometimes it's a eating disorder. Regardless it's always something that is hurting the person and that they can't stop doing.

This week's intervention topic, college football ...
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