Greg Oden goes Playgirl, the Gamecocks party foul, and potential trade in Beantown
Thought #1- If you have sketchy e-mail forward guy at your work place, be very careful for the next few days. If you get a forward and the subject line contains something like, "Amazing Greg Oden dunk!" it is in your best interest to instantly delete it. Otherwise you may very likely face a burning sensation in your retinas and a few nightmares of naked 85 year old men.

Nude photos of Greg Oden have been floating around cyberspace over the past couple of days, which he claims are the result of a private message to a former lady friend.Oden claims they were taken well over a year ago, though I'm not really sure how that makes him any less naked. Possibly trying to explain some awkward tan line?

For anyone this is an incredibility dumb move, but Greg you're one of the most well known players in the league. You were the number one pick, the pick people begged for, you had to have known this was going to leak out. Granted it's not your vault some bent ex decided to spread these things around, but the best way to avoid that is to think twice about having that porno shot with your camera phone. Now you've got to deal with this on top of being in the running for the award as top bust of the century and on top of looking like you're 85. Maybe this was an attempt to prove your youthfulness, prove you still have a wild side, but it's not looking good for you Greg, especially not from that reflection in the mirror shot angle.

Thought #2
- When you throw a great party it can sometimes get expensive, especially if you have a great reason to celebrate. Mix in a good time, a few drinks, suddenly you've ordered $100 worth pizza, someone is wearing your lamp shade as a hat, and that guy, who nobody really knows who invited, is passed out on your couch. You wake up the next day and realize you should have bought stock in Bounty paper towels and Glad trash bags.

The University of South Carolina knows this feeling all to well after being fined $25,000 today following their post game celebration against #1 Kentucky last night. Being the first time in school history the Gamecocks had defeated the top team in the country, the fans stormed the court in celebration. This was USC's second violation of SECs policy against on court celebrations, the first coming in 2005 against Kentucky and costing them $5,000.

Now I'm not a big fan of on court celebrations, especially those schools who think they need one multiple times during a single season. However, when you are South Carolina, when you just lost your previous game on a heart breaking last second shot, and when you're playing the top team in the country, it doesn't seem that outrageous. It defiantly doesn't seem 25 grand outrageous. For all the complaints out there about the money involved in college athletics, you would think requiring a school to pay that much for a post game party would set off a few alarms. But I guess it's a small price to pay to discourage fans from celebrating. Good job SEC.

Thought #3 - I hope the Celtics do trade Ray Allen for Monta Ellis as rumors have suggested. While Ray is a great player, he's aging rapidly and he is in the final year of his contract. Could be time to get young for the Celtics and a back court with Rondo and Ellis would be a great place to start. That is of course pending that they put a no moped clause in Monta's contract.

Woah, had not heard the rumors of Ray Allen for Monta Ellis. I'm struggling to see how this benefits GS, unless Monta is signed for a lot of money and a few years, so they're trying to get an "expiring contract" for this summer. I agree, Jesus Shuttleworth has seen better days, so this makes perfect sense for the C's, if they think they can make a run at the title this year with Ellis instead of Jesus.
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