Mark McGwire did steriods, USC is still in trouble, and Jim Leavitt needs to use his inside voice
Thought #1 - Mark McGwire did roids? What?!?!? The Big Mac was juicing? Yeah and in other breaking news, ice is cold, pancakes are better with bananas, and people who have more than 3 cats living in their house are creepy. It's an odd world we live in where the big news isn't the bad deed itself, its that a guy finally had the guts to confess to it. This is what happens when it takes a man over half a decade to admit something everyone in their right mind already knew he did.

While plenty of people are giving Mark props for having the courage to finally come out and admit his wrong doing, I'm wondering what kind of precedence this sets for our future? Are we ok letting people refuse to answer for their deeds until they are comfortable doing, or worse until they have something to gain from it? Possibly a job as a hitting coach? Pretty sure that's not how it works other places. Pretty sure if you get caught cheating on a test for a license in what ever job you have and they ask you about it they will expect an answer right then.  Doubt you'll be getting a 5 year plus grace period to consider your options.

On a side note if you get a chance check out the phone interview with Mark. Pretty sure it sounded like he was either cooking popcorn or standing inside a bonfire during the entire interview.

Thought #2 - Not so fast USC. We know you tried to ground yourself to avoid further investigations but apparently that isn't good enough for the NCAA and there will be an official hearing sometime in February. As predicted, even though the kid grounds himself after getting sent to the principals office for that whole stopping up the sinks in the boys' bathroom prank, dad's belt is still coming off when he gets home.

Oh and mighty nice of Pete Carroll to play the role of the buddy who helped stop up those sinks and slipped off just before you got busted. Convent that Seahawks' offer came out of "no where" just as the hammer was on the down swing.

Thought #3 - Would someone please tell Jim Leavitt to use his inside voice? If you didn't catch it, Leavitt stood in from of the media Monday and basically yelled about how he wants is job as the head football coach at the University of South Florida back. Leavitt was dismissed recently following allegations that he slapped a player in the face during halftime of the Bulls' game against  Louisville this season.

You know what's not convincing me you aren't capable of smacking a player? Shouting at the media. Seriously, either Jim has major anger management problems or the hearing of a 95 year old former construction worker. He sounded like the kid who tries to talk to you without taking his headphones off, 5 feet away from you and just screaming. Come on Jim, we get it, you love USF. You built that program and hate the idea of it ending this way. We get what you're saying, just tone it down a little. It's a press conference, not a WWE event.

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