The NFL overtime rule and the start of Summer-o-Favre 2010!
Thought #1 - The last thing anyone wanted to see in Sunday night's NFC championship game was it all come down to a coin flip. Now granted though they didn't get the ball in the overtime, the Vikings had their shot, but since they obviously decided not to protect their quarterback or the football the game all can down to a coin flip. This is yet another example of how awful the NFL overtime rule is. A team wins the toss and immediately it's only goal is to make it to field goal range, center the ball, and boot it through the uprights. Sunday night's game was classic but the finish was sub-par at best. It was like someone made an epic film, ran out of funds towards the end of shooting, and just decided to wind it up in five minutes and add in, and then they died, the end.

NFL, you need to fix this. Don't let anymore hard fought games have such luke warm endings. Don't let anymore games filled with highlights from the stars of the league, rest on the leg of a guy none of us could pick out of a crowd at the mall and hasn't broken a sweat since September.

If you want to keep the overtime the way it is, how about we just eliminate field goals in overtime? It could be sweet. I mean can you imagine the game planning on both sides that would go into knowing you have 4 downs to play with no matter where you are on the field? It would have to be more interesting than watching it hinge on a guy who you couldn't recognize if 50 bucks depending on it.

Thought #2 - Brett Favre has officially entered his off season and he has officially made the first of his 200 extremely vague statements about his future. Brett says a return next year is highly unlikely, which is basically code for, hunker down for yet another summer of Favre and local high school kids highlight reel. Thing is you know this is only going to get worse as he gets older. Think about it, have you ever tried to order at Outback with anyone over the age of 50? You probably plowed through at least 4 loaves of that bread waiting on them to decide what Aussie fries are and if they in fact want them over a baked potato. And by the way, if they don't know it comes with a salad and your waiter spring the question on them, you might as well loosen up the bucket and prepare for loaf number five.  We could be in for a long summer of Favre-mania, that's the bad news.

The good news is that the same reporter who is going to be camped out Favre's place, trying to catch clips of  dude in his wranglers on his lawn mower, can also camp outside the sex clinic Tiger Woods is staying at. Since the sex clinic is right there in Hattiesburg, this shouldn't be a problem. In fact, do I smell a reality show brewing? Hmm.... You know the aging QB trying to decide whether or not to make another go at it, meanwhile trying to help the struggling young star cope with his addiction to the ladies. This could be good. Now if only we could make it so they are forced to live together with that alcoholic chick Ruthy from the Real World Hawaii, a guy who they all assume is gay, but are all to afraid to ask, and some failing former child star. What's the girl who played Punky Brewster doing these days? What about that one of those three boys from Home Improvement? Haven't seen Jonathan Taylor Thomas in a minute, he's probably free. We'll give them the task of developing a flag football team to take on that local high school, meanwhile have to run the local frozen yogurt hot spot, and a the annual Hattiesburg save the beavers fundraiser. Oh, and obviously it will all be narrated by Teck-Money.

That game was Shakespearian. What were you watching? So it ended by the rules. It made the theater that much better. A city coming back from defeat matched by it's football team. Let them have it. Sorry your team didn't win, but the cost of the ticket to view it was priceless and I watched on tv. Priceless!
First, I agree with Mr Whinfield. It was a great game.

Second, its "cope" not "coup"

Third, go somewhere else to eat like Chucky Cheese

Fourth, You're watching waaay too much reality T.V.
No field goals in overtime!?! I like it, but I think it has about as much of a chance of happening as the "+1" in college, which is a travesty in its own right.
True, it has about as much of a chance of happening as my shoot around dunk contest idea, or moving the super bowl to Saturday.

I agreed with Mr. Whinfield as well. In fact I think I compared the game to an epic movie. I just hate that a great game comes down to settling for a field goal. I wouldn't think you want a Shakespearean play to end with a random character from Act 1 running out and stabbing the main guy at the end of a duel. But maybe that's just me.

And say what you want, but it will be hard to find a twenty something, who has even a sub par level of pop culture knowledge, that didn't see some of the Real World Hawaii. The last classic season.
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