Shaun Rogers arrested for attempting to play air marshall and Morgantown PD preps for massive couch burnings

In the words of Alan from The Hangover, "Thanks a lot Bin Laden!"

Wonder if that's what was running through Shaun Rogers mind as he was arrested Thursday for attempting to board an airplane with a loaded gun in his carry on bag? You know Shaun, there's been a lot of changes in the law and these days you can't exactly just roll onto a jet as if it's the Washington Wizards' locker room. (Too soon? Nah.)

Rogers insists that he simply forgot the gun was in there. Pretty common mistake, I mean who hasn't misplaced their loaded .45 at some point this week? Dang thing slides right down between the couch cushions if you aren't careful.

Listen Shaun, this isn't a TV remote, your car keys, or your drivers license, this is a weapon, which just so happens to be loaded and ready to kill. If you're so flighty that you "forget" you had this, how on earth could a team ever trust you to remember something as complex as a football play? If you don't make it a priority to keep up with your loaded piece, what do you keep up with?

Either you have way too many loaded weapons in your life to keep up with, you are just plain dumb, or, the most likely scenario, some combination of both.

Thought #2

What other place in the world would the police have to make an official statement regarding the burning of furniture, other than Morgantown, WV? The police are reportedly beefing up their forces in expectation of Mountaineer fan going Mountaineer fan on the town in honor of this weekend's Final Four appearance.

There are few things in life that are absolutely certain. Death, well all die, taxes, got to pay them, Jimmy Fallon movies, will always suck, and furniture in Morgantown will also have about a 3 month life span.

The police have said they will have a zero tolerance policy for firestarters and troublemakers. Riiight. I'm guessing that policy will extend until about the 2 quarter when you realize your jail is full and you can't arrest the entire campus.

Bottom line, if WVU makes the final game Monday and you're in the furniture business, you'd be very wise to head up to Mo Town on Tuesday. Watching TV sitting on milk crates gets old real fast.

*on a side note: Happy Birthday to the biggest WVU fan I know, Chris McCormick. Be careful with your matches my friend.

A new way to spell stupid. Shaaun Rogers
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