Lawerence Taylor arrested for rape, Empolyee number 8 eyes a comeback, and The Back Porch podcast!
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Thought #1

Do you ever watch the show Law and Order: SVU? They pretty much deal with the sketchiest of sketchy people in the world and often times you think; does this stuff really happen? Are people really this out of their minds? Are there really this many creepy freaks out there in our society? No way you assure yourself, if for no other reason than to make yourself feel a little safer rolling to the grocery store and back home.

Just when you think you've come to terms with it all you hear about a real live creepster and reality sets in.

That's exactly the feeling I got when I read about the arrested of former NFL great and dancer with the stars, Lawrence Taylor earlier today on allegations of statutory rape involving a 16-year-old in New York.

Now as if that alone wasn't enough to make your stomach turn like you just ate some bad Taco Bell, it gets worse. The girl was apparently a 16-year-old prostitute, whose pimp had attempted to force her to have sex with LT. She reportedly refused, was sexually assaulted, and then Taylor gave her 300 bucks and sent her on her way.

Wow. I just got the same disgusted feeling in the pit of my stomach that I got watching about the first 15 minutes of that movie Monster.

The thing is, if this were a case on SVU, you know good and well all those detectives heads would be spinning as to why this dude was out on the loose in the first place. Heck, Ice Tea's head might explode as to why this dude wasn't locked up already.

Check out his rap sheet:

01- drug paraphernalia in Jersey, stemmed from a 1998 case
00- false tax returns and evasion and later that year, leaving the  scene of an accident
96 & 97 - drug charges in Florida and South Carolina

Tell me Stabler wouldn't be pissed when that rap sheet showed up on this guy.

Now I know he's not convicted yet, and the whole innocent until proven thing should apply here, but your history determines your credibility and right now LT's past isn't going to afford him many supporters.

SVU case this might be, but I really doubt it's going to last the whole hour. I really doubt Ice Tea is going to have to play the bad cop before Lawrence caves in and the plea bargaining begins.

Thought #2

Could employee number 8 be back?!?! Antione Walker's former coach Rick Pitino thinks so. Tione apparently will be working out with some of the Louisville players over the next few weeks in hopes of getting back in shape.

Of course this comes on the heals of Walker playing out $900,000 to a few Vegas casinos to cover his writing of bad checks.

Now I'm guess making a run back at the league looked a little more appealing than that gig at Best Buy, I mean up selling a guy to a LED can be tricky. The question is; is there a market for Tione in today's league? Is there a team out there who needs a three point launching, no defense playing, lazy, and always overweight vet, who consistently looks like he is on the verge of tears? I mean seriously, dude has sad clown face going on and every time I see him I feel like someone must have just ran over his dog or ruin his birthday party.

Antione, I'm not sure what you are thinking here, but you'd might want to have a plan B to this whole return to the league thing.

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