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The top 5 most out of shape Athletes
In light of Albert Haynesworth failing multiple conditioning tests and being regulated to the treadmill during team practices I thought it would be interesting to toss out for discussion the top 5 most out of shape current athletes. (non-linemen. Let's face it, it's not really fair to include those guys who get paid to become immovable objects.)

5. Ben Roethlisberger  - He's listed at 240lb ...
Let's bail on Toronto, Fat Albert fails again, and Puke Boy gets 3 months
Thought #1

As I hear the back and forth between Toronto Raptors' GM Bryan Colangelo and Chris Bosh over whether or not Bosh quit on the team last year, I've got to ask one question; why do we even have a team in Canada?

Seriously, name one Raptors fan you know. What? No one? Ok, try this, name one person you know who owns a Raptors t-shirt. Exactly, nobody over the age of 5 is rocking a shirt w...
Tebow's Bible Briefs, the last LeBron fan in Cleveland, and The Back Porch podcast!
Thoughts on T.O. and Chad, Training Camps, and more. The Back Porch Podcast for July 29th!

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Thought #1

Tim Tebow is all set to be the new spokesman of Jockey. That's right the "Milehigh Messiah" will be the face of Jockey's new Staycool line, because obviously there is no one cooler than Timmy.

My co-host on The Nosebleeds, Ryan Sayler, posed an interesting ...
Cody final makes the 25 yard dash, Pitino gets unzipped, and Bosh quit on the Raptors?
Thought #1

25 yards up, 25 yards back, 3 times.

That's what Terrence Cody had to accomplish in order to be eligible for participation in preseason practice, play in any games during the first 6 weeks of the season, and to have his name removed from the PUP list.

Now Terrence completed the test this morning prior to the start of camp, so he's off the list, but his struggles lead me to one very...
The Bengals just got REAL by adding T.O., Huggy bear's Vegas experience, and Maurice returns to school
Thought #1

Coming this fall....

This is the true story of...
a former highly desired receiver, known for his revolutionary drive-way workouts, love for popcorn, and wide ranging ability to express his feelings.

a speedy little route runner with a passion for river dancing, semi-foreign words, and a guy who I once saw a video of taking his children from multiple women for a good meal at t...
The T.O. unemployment saga, Jeff Fisher's voice mail, and Dez Bryant just made things worse
Thought #1

As NFL training camps kick off across the country plenty of guys will looking forward to breaking out the lunch pail, shaking off the rust, and getting back to work.

As they pull up to the facilty that first day, they may notice something a little odd outside. A tall, athletic looking man, holding a sign that reads, "Will work for a opportunity of shameless self-promotion" and as the...
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