The T.O. unemployment saga, Jeff Fisher's voice mail, and Dez Bryant just made things worse
Thought #1

As NFL training camps kick off across the country plenty of guys will looking forward to breaking out the lunch pail, shaking off the rust, and getting back to work.

As they pull up to the facilty that first day, they may notice something a little odd outside. A tall, athletic looking man, holding a sign that reads, "Will work for a opportunity of shameless self-promotion" and as they pass by he will flip the sign over allowing them to see the back which reads, "Come on! Jesus loves me and you will too!"

This man of course is the unemployed 36-year-old wide receiver Terrell Owens. As teams begin to scramble around, trying to fill in their roster spots, Terrell wants to make sure they all know he's ready to give up washing windshields at that stop light downtown and wants to go to work.

Over the weekend the speculation was that T.O.
s most likely landing spot was in St. Louis,
along side rookie quarterback Sam Bradford, but is that really a good idea? Is it really a good idea to ask a first year guy to take on the task of pacifying the most high maintenance player in the past decade?

I have the feeling this is would play out like the guy whose first girl friend came at the age of 20 and who instantly became said girl's whipping boy for the duration of the relationship. You've seen that guy. Suddenly he's spending every weekend at the mall carrying shopping bags, trading in all his xbox games for cash so he can buy a $50 pair of jeans his girl recommended, and he is forever taking care of some extremely ugly, yet equally expensive small animal. (which is always sick for some reason.) That guy either ends up snapping or just ends up quietly miserable and living an awful life. Either way he's messed up.

Yeah, if Tony, Donovan, and Jeff couldn't maintain this relationship, if those guys couldn't balance the drama queen, I'm finding it hard to believe Bradford will have much success with it. Granted this could be the baptism by fire that a young guy needs, but it seems more likely it could be a disaster taking him years to recover from.

Thought #2

Typically when you see that little voice mail light blinking on your phone, its a pretty exciting moment. I mean, sure it could just be your grandma, but it could also be something absolutely awesome, so you cant wait to check it.

Now that was probably what Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher was thinking when he say he had a missed called and new voice mail over the weekend. Unfortunately things didn't pan out that way for Jeff.

The message he received was from USC head coach Lane Kiffin and went something like this, "Hey Jeff, It's Lane. How's it going? Been getting out on the lake much? Well hate that I missed you, hope your summer goes well, oh and by the way I just stole your running backs coach and made him my new offensive coordinator. Later." and click.

That was the way Lane decided to break the news to Jeff that he just hired Kennedy Pola away from the Titan's staff. I'm not sure if Lane is a jerk or just stupid, but is that really the type of thing you want left on the machine? I mean was calling back later, or even asking Jeff to call him not an option?

Or was this one of those situations where you feel really relieved to just get the machine because you know the person is going to be pissed. Is this like breaking up with a girl via text message because you know shes going to go psycho on you, which is why you were breaking up with her in the first place so she just proved you correct. (why do girls never understand this. you can't argue that you are not crazy, it just makes you seem more crazy.)

No matter the reason, Jeff wasn't happy with the way things went down and it's doubtful this will help Lane at all with his already less than stellar reputation.

Thought #3

Every freshman in high school knows there is a hazing process. Every freshman knows he will most likely be told to dump some lunch trays, do some push ups, or if worst comes to worst, make of fool of himself by asking the hottest girl out in school in a song. It happens, you do it, and you get over it. The only time it generally gets really bad, is when some freshman decides to fight it. That's where the stories of duct tape and icy hot are born and that's when things go from forgettable to legends that live on decades later.

"Do you remember when that one guy put icy hot in that one kids jock strap?" Yeah, you know those stories.

Dez Bryant may have just secured his spot as the victim in one of those legendary tales as yesterday he refused to carry Roy Williams pads following practice. Ot-uh. You might has well of just put a target on your back buddy.

Now I'm not saying there is any rule that Dez had to carry those pads, but I am saying if he just carries those pads, it's over, done with, and he can go about his day. Now there's a good chance he's going to wake up one morning during camp, taped to his bed, which will dangling from the trees outside the dorm. I just hope it isn't parents' day.

Thought #4

Is it possible to get suspended for just being awful? Yes!

IRL driver Milka Duno has been banned from racing for a year until her driving improves. Twice this season she has been pulled off the track because she was going to slow the officials felt like she was a hazard.

Now why would a team keep dropping the coin on a driver going that slow, aside from fans being about to read the teams logo and sponsors very clearly as she creeped by? It's pretty simple, she's a lady.

Racing at all levels seems to be determined to fine that first competitive female driver, even if it means putting unqualified drivers in cars. Lets be honest, if a female does finally take off the marketing potential for that driver and team will be limitless. Heck, Danica Patrick makes bank and finishes on average, what, 30th?

Hats off to IRL for choosing safety over marketing schemes and Go Daddy commercials.

y take off the marketing potential for that driver and team will be limitless. H
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