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OchocincUt-ohs, the Twins don't want to share the presents, and no more turtlenecks for Stan
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Getting your phone numbers mixed up is always a bad idea. Maybe you think you're calling your new squeeze and you hear your ex voice pick up, or perhaps you're trying to hit up your buddy about where to meet downtown, you get your Grandma instead, and suddenly you find yourself 30 minute deep into conversation about her neighbor's mysterious cat.

Oh, or what about that time you mixed...
The Back Porch podcast and the magic edge of the tainted meat
Thoughts on McNabb returning to Philly, the Al Cy Young, and the grand weekend slate of games!

The Back Porch podcast!

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The benefits of tainted meat?

Earlier today a report came out that Alberto Contador tested positive for a banned substance during the Tour de France. Alberto quickly denied it and blamed his positive test on hi...
Philly's new love will make Donovan's return easier and MLB teams begin the annual tradition of wasting booze
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Running into an ex at the mall has to be one of the most awkward situations a person can have. Sometimes you're able to see them approaching and alter your path, or at least time it so you pass each other with the sunglasses kiosk between you. Other times you have to think on your feet, pretend to be fidgeting with your watching, texting a friend, or, one of my favorites just because i...
Tampa's lonely party, Jim Furyk's quiet win, and Dover's Monster
Tuesday is a great day to reflect on all the happenings from a great weekend of football action, lets face it, its what 90 percent of us are devoting our sports viewing to this time of year. Of course that doesn't mean there aren't other sports going on and just because a girl the flavor of the week, doesn't mean you shouldn't occasionally give her a look.

So here are a few non-football thoughts...
What if the Steelers are better without Ben and other "What ifs" from Week 3
Back when I thought I was going to be the next great Saturday Night Live writer I took a sketch writing class at Second City in L.A. Of all the things I learned probably the most valuable, aside from helping write a fight song for the Banana Slugs, was a brainstorming technique called "What if."

It's pretty simple, as you just toss the phrase what if in front of any idea you might have. I know i...
Sunday Morning Coming Down: College Week 4 fallout and 5 thoughts on the NFL slate
Maybe I'm just a weird guy, but when I woke up and realized it was pouring rain I actually got pretty excited. Why? It's like getting a ticket to a day filled with massive amount of quality time between me, my couch, and the NFL, completely guilt free. Double check the frig just before 1:00 and hunker down to enjoy the fact you are forced to stay indoors.

Saturday Fallout

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Ryan Mallet...
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