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Halloween fallout from the NFL; What did you dress as?
I realized this weekend I have reached the point in life where you see less Halloween pictures of your friends dressed up and instead pictures of your friends' kids in costume. I guess it was one of those, "crap I'm getting old," moments, but regardless checking out Halloween fallout pics is always a good time. It's always fun to see what your friends, friends' kids, or random guy who showed up at... (continue)
Sunday Morning Coming Down: The College Afterparty and NFL week 8 questions
Afterparty Thoughts:

#1. Missouri and Michigan State are who we thought they were
Raise your hand if you thought either of these guys would head into the last weekend of October without a loss? Yeah, that's what I thought. Both of these teams were kind of like that gold fish you win at the carnival that surprises you each week it remains alive. Just like that fish you weren't surprised this morni...
Tailgate talk for a busy Saturday
Saturday looks to be another one of those days of college football that BCS supporters will point to and say, "see what we gave you?!? If we didn't have such a crap post season set up, there is no way you'd have such great Halloween Eve match ups!"

Maybe you buy it, maybe you don't, but regardless the action on the field Saturday could easily leave us with plenty of action in the polls yet again...
Halloween costume ideas from the sports world
The trick to picking a great Halloween costume is go as something that only the best and brightest of folks will really appreciate. Sure you might have to explain yourself to a few people who are swimming in the swallow end of the pop culture pool, but when someone automatically gets understands it, it will be totally worth here.

So if you are a bit lost for a good suit this year, here are some ...
The Back Porch podcast and a few nuggets from the week.
Thoughts from the week, a little look ahead, and what were the Yankee fans thinking? I give them the benefit of the doubt in this week's Back Porch podcast!

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A few nuggets from this week:

1. I feel better and better about giving the Dallas Cowboys the Kelly Kapowski in my Saved the Bell NFL preview. The sound of Tony Romo's collarbone snapping might as well of b...
The debut of Miami Thrice and other opening night thoughts
Tuesday night might have been the most anticipated opening night in NBA history. It had a senior prom-esque build up, with everyone from the most active socialite to the kid who spent four years hiding under an engine in the vocational wing looking forward to the big night. Of course just like prom, the following morning there was plenty to chat about.

Thought #1
Last night on Twitter I read a me...
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