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The epidemic of smiling in the NCAA must be stopped!
These kids are out of control!
The NCAA needs ban smiling. Each game I watch I see more and more guys taunting each other and the fans by showing off their teeth in this disrespectful expression of joy. It needs to be gone. I mean seriously, nothing grinds my gears more than a guy smiling at me just after he has just scored on my team. A guy who feels the need to show me just how happy he is to h...
The Final 2010 Back Porch Podcast!
Well it has been a crazy year in the world of sports. LeBron James went from good to bad, a Heisman trophy was returned, Brett Favre auditioned for Playgirl, and of course, we learned Tiger Woods may in fact be human after all.

So a few thoughts back on the year, a look into the top stories of today, and a brief look into the up coming Bowl madness on this weeks Back Porch podcast!

Hindsight ruled in 2010
Hindsight is always fun. It is always a blast to look back, envision yourself still rocking a hat with the bill turned up in the front, and wonder what exactly ever caused you to believe that was a good idea.

Over the course of the 2010 year plenty of our thoughts on athletes, teams, and even the sports themselves have likely morphed at least as much as the hotness level of Brittney Spears has o...
China would have played, Joe Pa sticking around, and LeBron learns new words
Thought #1
Yesterday I mentioned a lot of folks were upset about the moving of the Vikings-Eagles game to Tuesday due to severe weather conditions, but thanks to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, it bares revisiting.

Rendell was highly critical of the decision to play the game on Tuesday night, saying it was evidence America has become a nation of "wusses" and assuring us all the Chinese would h...
It is all about how you finish - NFL Fallout
Thought #1 - Trickling out
Any season of rec or church league sports I've ever participated in has ended in a similar fashion. It trickles out. The players lose their fire, showing up on a random Tuesday night becomes increasingly difficult, and you know your team is one dishwater breaking down or kid getting a cold away from you trying to pick up some random teen in Timberlands just to fill out a...
Sunday Morning Coming Down: The X-Mas Afterparty and NFL questions
Ah, December 26th. For some it is extremely depressing as they stare at another Christmas in the rear view. For others it is a feeling similar to the post race relief a marathon runner experiences, just as sweaty, but minus the awkwardly short shorts.

Whatever your take on today is I hope yesterday left you with at least one good memory and at least one story which will seem way funnier in a few...
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