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Super Bowl storylines; Which are legit?
Super Bowl week is upon us and with any such week there are plenty of story lines being thrown out there. Because of this Super Bowl week often becomes kind of like a high school hallway. You've got all this information flying around your head and you're just trying to navigate how likely it really is the chemistry teacher smelled like pot this morning or the baby goats in the Ag class contracted ... (continue)
Sunday Morning Coming Down: College hoops, drinks from gas stations, and the NBA returns to Sunday
After Party Thoughts

#1. Can we just play the Big East tourney instead of the NCAA one this year?
Ok, I'm just kidding.... kind of. Yesterday the Big East put on a showcase like few other conferences have. Villanova was knocked off by Georgetown 69-66, Pittsburgh held off Rutgers 65-62, and Louisville upset Connecticut 79-78 in double overtime.

I'm not sure what the teams in the Big East are dr...
The Back Porch podcast for 1-28-11
Thoughts on the Jeff Fisher's divorce from the Titans becoming final, Iowa's troubles, and the Green Bay Packers picture troubles.

Take a listen and drop your thoughts!

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NASCAR's "new" system, Iowa football has some explaining to do, and Jimmer continues to go off
This week's Back Porch podcast has been moved to Friday due to an overwhelming amount of awful Thursday part-time jobs duties I am embarking on. But, here are a few thoughts to tide you over.

Thought #1
Last night NASCAR had its own State of the Union address in which it anounced a new points system to be during the season of events. The new system will give drivers anywhere from 1 to 43 points ...
Would Rodger Goodell really work for $1, Antonio Cromartie wouldn't, and games in cool places.
Thought #1
NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell has decided if an agreement can't be reached between the players and owners before the March deadline and a lockout results, he will cut his $10 million salary to $1 until an agreement is reached.

Hmm. So wait a second. If Rodger cuts his salary in March, the third month in the calender year, doesn't that mean he has already made at least a million doll...
Conference Championship Fallout
Monday Fallout

The NFC Title Game Thoughts -- Green Bay 21, Chicago 14

 - Waiting to hate?
I don't know that any city has ever been more ready to kick a guy in the crotch when he is down than Chicago was Jay Cutler yesterday. In about five seconds he went from the Bears starting quarterback to being lumped into the same category as Steve Bartman and that cow who started the Chicago fire. Se...
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