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Monday afternoon on the porch: Iran might not show, Louisville's weird ending, and Cam Newton questions
Iran can apparently interpret zig-zag block letters far better than the rest of us.
The country has decided they might boycott the 2012 Olympics in London because they feel the logo looks like the word commonly used to refer to Jerusalem, "Zoin."

Obviously that is EXACTLY what the designers and London intended, to start a international rift via logo. Not to mention doing it in that obnoxious pi...
Detroit players "miss" the bus, Mets keep the heat on, and Saturday's questions
Let's protest?
Maybe that's how the message was received by the six Detroit Pistons who showed up for the morning shootaround Friday in Philly. Reportedly the team's veterans attempted to organize a little display of their displeasure with head coach John Kuester, but not everyone ending up making the stand.

Now we all know how these things go. In the locker room it sounds like a great idea. Eve...
Thoughts on deadline Thursday in the NBA and this week's podcast!
This weeks Back Porch podcast!

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Maybe it was the rain or the fact that at 3 p.m. I really had nothing else going on, but Thursday's NBA trade deadline was one of the most exciting moments of the season thus far. Though the big two deals, Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks and Deron Williams to the Nets, were long over with, several very good teams shuffled around ...
NBA moves and more in this week's Back Porch podcast!
NBA trade dominoes continue to fall, Tennessee's NCAA investigation, NFL mediation, and more on this week's Back Porch podcast!

Take a listen and drop your thoughts!

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And five good questions for you:

 - Would you rather start a team with Deron Williams or Carmelo Anthony?

 - What is the first thing you would have done if you were Baron Davis thi...
The Nets grab Williams
When you get turned down by the prettiest girl in school for prom do you just pack it in, cancel your tuxedo rental, and dedicate the evening to online video games? Or, do you pick yourself up, get out there, and find yourself a quality back up?

The New Jersey Nets would take option number two, as proven today by their acquiring point guard Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz after coming up short ...
Melo's move through different eyes
The Melo-drama ended in the middle of the night Tuesday as the New York Knicks cut a deal to put Carmelo Anthony in orange and blue for the remainder of the season. With 12 players and three teams involved there are plenty of opinions, which vary drastically depending on who's beer goggles you are looking through.

The positive New York fan:
Best move ever! Melo and Amare will be the foundation o...
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