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Final Fallout from the NFL Draft
Two things I saw way too much of this weekend:
1. NFL Draft coverage

2. People complaining about the amount of NFL Draft coverage.

Top thought: Mel Kiper's hair was used as the mold for Magneto's helmet in the new X-Men movie.

Two very interesting teams
 - Your 2014 fantasy league draft may very well look a lot the Bengals draft class this year. The 2011 Cincinnati reboot project began ...
NFL Draft First Round Fallout
Fast Five
 - Not just a soon to be legendary film, but exactly the way the first five picks of the NFL draft went down. Cam Newton, Von Miller, Marcell Darius, A.J. Green, and Patrick Peterson. Just like the majority of scripts read.

Panthers' minds made
 - Carolina head coach Ron Rivera revealed this morning on Mike and Mike that the Panthers had their minds set on Cam for about six da...
Thoughts on the NFL Draft
The NFL draft is a lot like picking a venue for a first date. There is a ton on the line, so deciding between the trendy new hot spot - which is no doubt of some international flavor - or the safer old frozen-yogurt-walk-in-the-park standby is crucial for the future.

Lots will be riding on Thursday's decisions and here are a few thoughts looking towards the big night.

The Panthers will take Cam...
NFL unlocked, long summer ahead for Tressel, and Spurs woes continue
NFL unlocked?
Technically yes. Technically Judge Susan Nelson took the chains off the doors and threw up the open for business sign last night around 6. But what does that really mean?


This morning players are showing up to work out and team officials are scrambling to try figure out exactly what they should or shouldn't let players do.

The whole thing has the feel of a last minute coll...
Sunday Morning NBA Fallout
Up from the grave they arose!
That was the Blazer's theme as Brandon Roy went to the bank with 39.2 seconds left to complete the comeback from the 23-point deficit to defeat the Mavericks, 84-82.

Roy dropped 18 of his 24 points in the fourth quarter, a quarter in which Portland did not commit a turnover and shot 75 percent from the field. Patchy Halloween costume-esque beard aside, Roy looked li...
Brandon Marshall stabbed
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been stabbed and has been treated in a hospital ICU according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Schefter reported that Brandon was stabbed in the stomach, no vital organs were pierced, and the expected recovery time is two to three weeks.

Other sources have also indicated Marshall going to be ok.

The Miami Herlads' Jeff Darlington twitted:
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