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The Circus that is the NBA Lockout
Lock it up!
At 12:01 a.m. Friday morning the chains were laid across the NBA's doors and the league was officially locked out for the first time since the 1998-1999 season.

Just like when you first hear the guy in your neighborhood with the Benz and the sweet in ground pool has filed for bankruptcy, your first thoughts probably went something like...."How could this happen? I thought things were ...
Summer Ridiculousness Begins
Summertime Ridiculousness
Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the extra daylight. Or maybe it's just the abundance of Bomb Pops finally getting to us. But as people we get a little nutty each year around this time. From hot dog slamming contests to pay tremendous amounts of money on stuff to blow up to feeling comfortable wearing swimwear during non-swimming activities, summer if filled with ridiculo...
Channing Crowder and the NCAA Mall Cops
The Mall Cop Jurisdiction
Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder came out on his radio show Monday and gave some "hypothetical" details about selling his jerseys while attending the University of Florida. This was just a portion of Crowder's larger argument that college athletes should be allowed to have jersey yard sales if they choose to do so, which of course rubbed every NCAA loyalist the...
TO's secret surgery and the Dodgers are officially bankrupt
TO's secret operation
For a guy known for running his mouth, Terrell Owens' lips are sealed when it comes to his recent ACL surgery. Owens apparently tore the ligament and had it repaired at some point in the past month but has made no mention of it to the media or on his ever active Twitter account.

For most folks this wouldn't be a big deal. We'd chalk it up to the athlete being allowed some ...
The NBA Draft After Party
Every good party has several levels of folks getting down and of course they all wake up the next day and face a variety of fallout.

Party stud: Jan Vesely -- Maybe the best post-drafted celebration ever. Jan's girlfriend, Eva Kodouskova, welcomed the Wizards' first-rounder, and secured his role as her meal ticket, with soap opera-esque lip lock. It was so good, ESPN went slow motion replay of it...
Final thoughts on the 2011 NBA Draft
With the 2011 NBA Draft less than 12 hours away I want to throw out a few simple predictions as to what we will and won't see Thursday night.

We will see:
 -- Kyrie Irving go first. Yeah he only played 11 college games, meaning most of us think he's good because everyone else thinks he's good.

That's key here because Cleveland fans also think he is good and at this point the Cavalier's ma...
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