Final thoughts on the 2011 NBA Draft
With the 2011 NBA Draft less than 12 hours away I want to throw out a few simple predictions as to what we will and won't see Thursday night.

We will see:
 -- Kyrie Irving go first. Yeah he only played 11 college games, meaning most of us think he's good because everyone else thinks he's good.

That's key here because Cleveland fans also think he is good and at this point the Cavalier's management is basically looking at them like an orphan in the porridge line. They know they need to get that kid the most hyped toy out there - think the Super Soaker with the backpack - and Irving is the closest thing to that.

We won't see:
 -- The Cavs take a big man here and then draft a very similar point guard at the No. 4 spot in Brandon Knight. There is a much bigger gap between the ceilings of Derrick Williams (projected No. 2) and Enes Kanter (projected No. 3) and Texas' Tristan Thompson, who Cleveland will likely take a the four spot, than between Irving and Knight.

They really should take advantage of having two of the first four picks. Even though the kids want a Tickle Me Elmo, a wise parent realizes the legos are a much better investment.

We will see:
 -- An amazing amount of players drafted whose names you can't pronounce. I know, I've already mocked the names in my Mocking Draft, but around 10 foreign players are likely to be taken in the first round. Two of those guys could be named Nikola, Nikola Vucevic and Nikola Mirotic. Think about that for a second. If we were drafting a team of the ultimate Bond Villains this would sound right, but the NBA?

We won't see:

 -- Teams super concerned about players making an immediate impact. Lots of project players in this draft and at least one guy, Jonas Valanciunas, is likely to pull a Ricky Rubio and not even make the trip across the pond.

We will see:

Despite what Gale Stanwick would lead you to believe, Utah will become a cure for boredom. At the No. 12 pick is it possible that both Kemba Walker and Utah folk hero Jimmer Ferdette will be available. If so, do the Jazz go with a guy who lead UConn on a post season tear like we've never witnessed before or do they go with the local wonder boy.

It really is like being a captain for a pick up game and having to decide between your best friend, who is really good, and the guy you don't really know, but has been dunking on guys all afternoon. It's going to get interesting. Thanks Deron Williams!

We won't see:

The Minnesota Timberwolves do anything that makes sense. They've basically put up a sign in the front yard declaring they are ready to sell their No. 2 pick and still can't really get anyone to pull over and talk with them. Yeah, Phoenix yelled a few things about Steve Nash as they drove by, but they barely even slowed down to do so.

If it remains that no one is interested in making a deal here, the T-Wolves will likely end up taking Derrick Williams, sealing their fate as the wasteland for highly drafted power forwards.

A couple other nuggets:
 -- The Spurs and Suns should both unload Nash and Tony Parker.

Parker, a career six-assist guy, is an old 29-years-old and now that Eva Longoria is out of the picture, keeping him around is a lot less appealing.

Nash has two, maybe three years left of semi-top level play, but his stock isn't going to get any higher. In fact, it's dropping with every game he plays.

Neither are going to win their current teams a title, but both still have some name recognition. The Spurs and Suns should each unload their guys in hopes of getting a lower draft pick and maybe an extra role player or two off another team's roster.

 -- In five years we will wonder why Texas' Tristan Thompson went so high, why JaJuan Johnson of Purdue went so low, and what ever happened to that Enes guy?

 -- Kurt Rambis will apparently be out as Minnesota's head coach after the draft. That's right. Not before the draft, after.

I hope he still shows up for the draft and creates one of those really awkward moments. You know, like when the couple everyone knows is on the brink of getting a divorce shows up to the neighborhood barbecue and tries to hold it together for a couple hours. I hope that's the case and I also hope there is a really awkward scene when the Wolves realize he made the potato salad with mustard instead of mayonnaise.

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