A-Rod's Underground Adventure, LeBron James' Sensitive Tweeting, and The A's Are Ready For Some Football
A-Rod fails to watch the Oreos
Alex Rodriguez has proved yet again that he has the decision making ability of a 13-year-old.

Wednesday it was reported the allegation A-Rod took part in some underground poker games was being investigated and could very well lead to a suspension. It was also mentioned that some of the games might have turned "violent."

What?!? Underground poker games turning violent?

Yep. Apparently Alex's decision to go see A Bug's Life instead of Rounders back in '98 has come back to haunt him. Granted he now has a lot of respect now for the worker ant, but his limited knowledge of how dangerous going all in against Teddy KGB and his color-coordinated track suit is could very well lead to a suspension from baseball.

It's not that playing illegal poker is the worst thing in the world, it's just the worst thing in the world if your name is Alex Rodriguez. But yet again, Alex fails to realize how badly he could use some good press and yet again, gets involved in something that isn't just bad, but stupid.

The only real move A-Rod has left is to play the Contanza card in the Commish's office. "What that wrong? Should I not have done that?" Really, if only someone had told A-Rod that type of thing was frowned upon he would have never went Ed Norton for the night.

LeBron just wants you to be nice!
It's no secret that everyone and their mom has been cracking on Tim Tebow over the paste week. Folks, like ESPN's Merril Hoge, believe the guy was drafted too high, has a quirky at best throwing motion, and is very inaccurate. That's his, and many others', analysis of Tebow.

However that analysis doesn't sit well with some other folks, including LeBron James. James dropped a few Twitter bombs on the topic following Hoge's report on SportsCenter Wednesday, basically saying Hoge needs to be more encouraging.

You're right LeBron, ESPN should pay Merril Hoge and all their other analysts to encourage players. In fact, I'm a little upset they haven't been shipping out little notes and gift baskets to guys during camps. You know a little hand lotion and some fresh melon will do wonders for a young man's confidence.

Seriously, how chewed up by the media is LeBron feeling right now? It's one thing for Tebow to be a little upset, that makes sense. But Lebron is a guy completely disconnected from the situation, aside from the thought he is so tender to the touch of the media after last year's post season failure, that any media criticism causes him to break down.

I said it during the playoffs and I'll say it again, LeBron James is losing his edge. He's never had to deal with the type of failure and criticism he has experienced over the past year and this is just another example of him coming unraveled.

What are baseball players thinking about these days?

If you haven't seen it yet, check out Seattle's Brendan Ryan turning a single into a triple while the A's apparently are busy with more important things.
What does this tell us? That by August, baseball quickly fades and football dominates the minds of us all, even pro baseball players. Obviously the A's were thinking far more about their upcoming fantasy football drafts here, than Ryan trotting around the bases.

It's sad, but it's the reality of where baseball is on the sports spectrum these days.

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